We are hiring for 2018!

Two full season apprenticeship positions open.

Applicants should desire to work on a small-scale draft-powered farm, and most importantly, desire to run their own farm someday. You must be in good physical and mental condition, with the ability to lift 50+ pounds regularly and work 10+ hour days, sometimes in the rain and wind, and often in a hot, dry, sunny environment. Ideal candidates love food, cooking, being outside, warm weather, and sunshine. Previous farming experience is desired but not required.

The apprentices have a chance to participate in the third year of a new farm--a great learning experience for a candidate who desires to start their own farm someday. Every day work will become a learning experience for all of us, as we build this farm organism into a well-oiled machine. As the workload grows, you will gain responsibilities that will help you learn how to run a farm. We will help craft the farming experience to your goals and areas of interest.

In addition to the experiences on our farm, we will also facilitate farm visits and tours with other NW farms that suit the interests of the apprentices, including visits with other draft powered farms and events.

Having apprenticed on three separate farms in WA and CA and participated in WWOOF internationally, we have the background and experience to help facilitate an educational, positive growing experience for everyone.

We have two positions open for the 2017 season, both $700/month for a 40 hrs/week, with overtime work paid at minimum wage. Apprentices in years past have often made $800-1000 on their paycheck during the busy season and often receive money back from the IRS when they file taxes. Ideal length of stay is March 1st to November 17th, 2017.

Apprentice will be involved in: harvesting, transplanting, weeding, irrigating, working around the horses, greenhouse seeding and watering, chores, working farmers markets, packing orders, driving delivery routes, building projects.

Previous farming experience is preferred. Because we are a crew of 3-5 people with occasional volunteers, some work is independent, and some is in a team. You will need to be able to work with others, listen, and maintain flexible working hours. During the hottest time of the summer, we usually start early and end early, but occasionally we will work 1-3 hours in the evening. You can expect to work five very full days a week with two consecutive days off. We work hard but believe in time for you to regenerate, explore and enjoy time off the farm.

Our team of draft horses power most of our implements. Although this apprenticeship is not crafted to teach you how to work horses, if desired you may be involved in their daily care and work, and opportunities to learn more about the draft powered world will be facilitated. Basic ground manners and interactions with the horses will be covered, and, for example, your help may be required harness the horses or to steer the path cultivator while we drive the team. Previous experience with horses is not necessary, but a desire to work around and respect for these gentle giants is required. Applicants are encouraged to make a farm visit this winter before signing on for the season.

Housing: private moderately-furnished bedroom in a large shared 3-bedroom farmhouse with 2-3 other people, two cats and two dogs. This house is located a mile and a half away from the farm, about a 6-7 minute drive or 10-12 min bike ride. Laundry facilities and wireless internet are provided. The apprentice must participate in cleaning and upkeep of the common areas.

Our farm and the house are close to town, so it is bike- and bus-friendly. Having your own vehicle is desirable, but not required. However, you must have a driver's license and ability to drive manual is desired.

To apply, email

We are excited to share our third season at Hayshaker Farm with hard-working, positive, fun and eager-to-learn individuals. Please send a cover letter and 2 agriculturally-related references to apply. Please answer these questions within or along with your letter.

1. What are your specific goals and desires as it relates to learning how to farm? What do you hope to achieve in your farming experiences next season and beyond?
2. What in particular interests you about working at Hayshaker Farm?
3. What do you consider your strongest assets you would bring to a farming operation?
3. What do you consider areas of improvement for yourself?
4. What is your favorite task on the farm, and what is your least favorite?